Our Private Policy on Customer’s Information

IBB Co.,Ltd. recognizes the importance of personal information and strives to protect personal information based on the following policies. We will also review this basic policy as necessary and strive for improvement.

  1. About acquiring personal information

    We will acquire personal information by appropriate and fair means. In an event that is becomes necessary to use personal information outside the scope of the purpose of use, we will obtain consent of the individual in advance.


  2. About using personal information

    We will use personal information within the range of purpose of notifying or publishing personal information in advance. When consigning the handling of personal data, we select outsourcers who can manage personal data appropriately and supervise to give instructions to keep confidentially


  3. About 3rd party provision of personal data

    We will not provide personal data to 3rd parties without your consent.


  4. About management of personal data

    We take necessary measures to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, leakage of personal data and will manage personal data appropriately.


  5. About disclosure of owned personal data

    We will respond appropriately after confirming that you are the personal of the request of disclosure, correction and suspension of owned personal data from the principal.


  6. About our organization

    Under the responsibility of personal information protection management, we appoint as personal information manager for each department who will conduct appropriate supervision of directors and employees, implement education that will thoroughly protect personal information.