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Strong network cultivated by customer records of more than 370 stores

Experienced staff who have continued overseas expansion consulting and trading business will strongly support customers. Since we have been developing business for a long time mainly in Asia, we have a large number of professional staff in commercial transactions with foreign countries.
In particular, we have accumulated a lot of overseas business experience in Myanmar, where a local subsidiary has been established, and we will utilize our know-how to support various worries of our customers. Please do not worry even if you are going abroad for the first time.

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Total support for business expansion into Myanmar

You don’t need to know or have a network about Myanmar, let us know!


Over 370 stores in Myanmar

We support people who are engaged in new businesses such as business expansion and export/import in Myanmar.

Export of New/Used/Car Parts

A specialized consultant will make the best proposal according to the customer’s request such as cost and delivery time.


Corporate support in Myanmar

We are maximizing our support to the goals and worries of all our customers by accumulating the knowledge and know-how we have gained through our experience, and we have long been a business partner of many customers.

Export and sales of engine oil

We will export the engine oil we sell and make local sales arrangements. We have a diverse lineup of engine oils that can be selected according to vehicle used.


Please leave overseas expansion consulting

We will support you by utilizing the wealth of experience gained in Myanmar

It is known by many people for its solid support for overseas expansion in business and marketing. In business, many people are working to achieve their goals, and expanding business across borders will be a great stepping stone to achieving those goals. All of our staff are professionals who have many experience in consulting business regarding overseas expansion, and we support various people every day to fulfill our customers’ dreams. By supporting as many people as possible, it is a pleasure for all the staff to realize various feelings and see the sights.
It is important to understand that there are various risks overseas as well as various risks. We have established a local subsidiary in Myanmar, and we are trying to provide diversified support by utilizing the know-how we have cultivated so far so that our customers can safely expand overseas. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we support everything from risk management to information such as market prices and interpreter arrangements, including risk management.

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Providing the knowledge and know-how cultivated in the trading business

Through our long-standing trading business, we have gained various know-how including export and import. The staffs are hoping to promote the business of Japanese companies by providing their full experience, and are enthusiastically working on their daily work. Not only our knowledge and know-how, we always keep in mind appropriate responses through careful hearing, so the trust given to us by the people who have been asked so far is very strong. We will continue to do our utmost to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our support.
Depending on the goals of establishing a company or expanding overseas, the knowledge required varies. Our local subsidiary in Myanmar has accumulated specialized knowledge, including taxation and market price changes, so our strength is that we can provide more reliable support. We will continue to strive to further improve the quality of service through the business and information provided by local staff. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested, as we are always accepting various business-related consultations such as import/export support and trade support.


Myanmar in the business taking advantage of the experience gained in, we are overseas consulting and trading business. In order to help the goals of various people, we are also working as an overseas company to support visits, business trips, and business start-ups. Therefore, we have received requests from many people, and some of our customers have developed into long-term relationships. The goal of all staff is to be useful to everyone through consulting and business support.
It is important to manage various risks to take advantage of opportunities. In particular, when expanding overseas or establishing a company, it will be necessary to consider measures that take into account the cases so far. We will do our best to utilize the know-how we have cultivated so far to provide appropriate support in any situation, so please rest assured that everyone can order.