Message from CEO

Utilizing the knowledge and experience cultivated so far based on “Providing Japanese quality globally” and the connection with the people of Myanmar, we will bring Japanese quality to the world with Japanese companies with wonderful products and technologies. We support companies that share
the same aspirations with the desire to spread the word.

Business overseas requires courage, but we will do our best to support you. Let’s challenge together.

Takashi Kobayashi,
CEO of I.B.B

About Us

“We are an automobile trader, engine oil manufacturer, consultant for Japan SMEs and e-commerce provider”

Automobile Trader

We established in 2011 as an automobile global trader and the export department of the BINGO group in Japan.
As sales increased throughout the years, we corporated I.B.B Co., Ltd as an independent company in 2013.
In 2014, our overseas branch I.B.B. Myanmar Co., Ltd was registered in Yangon to provide better customer satisfaction, to enhance sales and market research of various industries.

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Engine oil manufacturer

In 2016, we considered expanding our business for the automotive engine oil selling in Myanmar.
To provide the best quality engine oil, we made researches on many different brands in Myanmar’s market.
Based on the research’s outcome, we finally produced Eco Cruise engine oil and it was introduced into the market in 2017.
Currently, there are 370 shops in Myanmar selling our high quality, great fuel efficiency, and environment-friendly engine oil.

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Consultant for Japan SMEs

In late 2011, Myanmar’s sudden transition from a military government to democracy, many countries including Japan starting to invest in Myanmar.
For investment in Myanmar, most of the companies are still facing a lot of difficulties such as lack of information, minimal networking, and unaccustomed to Myanmar’s business culture. To overcome these difficulties, we have started consultation services, especially for Japan SMEs.For more details of our consultation services,

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